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Stone Clip are an Australian owned family business specializing in the fabrication of unique stainless steel brackets for the mechanical fixing for stone wall cladding, natural stone, ceramic and large format panels across both domestic and commercial markets. We have been in business for 15 years, distributing both Australia and worldwide.

Stone Clip is a patented, engineer certified product that offers different systems to cater for different weights, dimensions and sizes of stone. The smallest clip is 5mm and can hold weights up to 10kg all the way up to the largest clip that has been used on the ANZAC Walk in Adelaide to hold stones of over 400kg.

Stone Clip overcomes problems with design, construction and installation of natural stone and can be adapted to work in any situation. Architects demand high quality and extended life cycle for their materials and that is exactly what Stone Clip does. Stone Clip is very versatile and can be used indoor or outdoor, in ceiling cladding, even over water and is only limited by the architect’s imagination.

Stone Clip has been used on numerous Government projects including casinos, hospitals, overseas Australian embassies, which demand that in the creation of a ventilated fac¸ade system, products used must obtain a 5-Star Green Rating.

Stone Clip constantly research and develop better ways to upgrade their Stone Clip and aim to become the industry standard for anyone looking for a stone solution.

Stone Clip has the right clip for the right stone, first time, every time and with the advance in technology are able to consult on installations on site or over the phone on all building projects.


Working with the right gear means your project is over faster, safer and completed easier.
100mm Dry Cutter
100mm Dry Cutting 240volt cutter with blade and dutch pin set is $270 delivered Australia wide
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125mm Wet Cutter
125mm battery (18 volt) cutter with 2 x batteries, charger, water connections, blade and dutch wedge and pin set is $950 delivered Australia wide
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125mm Dry Cutter
125 mm Dry Cutter 240volt cutter with spare blade and dutch pin set is $400 delivered Australia wide
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