AcePlus Vista Grove


Here we are at the top end of South Yarra, in an exclusive cul-de-sac with the Yarra as a back drop

Ace Plus are executing the stone work on this particular project. #khdlandscape organised with #stoneclip and Ace Plus all of the fixing requirements for this contemporary build. Asad has a life time of experience with all aspects of stone masonry. In this job all of the cladding is presented as a monstrous 4 sided column that first runs vertically up the facade to eventually running horizontally across the parapet of the building while creating a spectacular soffit and return detail.

The stone in question is a filled roman travertine that has been sup[plied by #parthenonmarble. Its format of 1200 x 400 x 30 mm with an expected weight of 40 kg per piece has been supported off our StoneSub framing system by the 10 mm adjustable clip. The complete 4 sides of each column are supported this way, the video really shows how intricate the work is when moving form a vertical plane of installation onto a horizontal section- the fact that it is nearly 10 m up from ground just adds to it.

The architects and design team involved included #demainepartnership #jackmerlolandscapedesign and #davidhicksdesign

The #davieshenderson team facilitated the whole job from start to finish, organising the complete operation and keeping the train on course.

Its great to see another quality build and idea come to life in Melbourne with StoneClip



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