Case for Mechanical Fixing

Mechanical Fixing

The case FOR Mechanical Fixing — what is it? Stoneclip Mechanical 1. First it is FOR the supporting and restraining of panels of Stone or like that are individually attached to a facade on a substructure or substrate. 2. They have to be secured in place so as there is no down load onto the panel below, that is the …

The Emirates and Hallmark Building


Emirates and Hallmark Building Radial Cut Marble Megastone Column at The Emirates and Hallmark Building on Collins St Melbourne. Just some progress shots of the work BKS Stonemasons ( Brendon Smith 0407936719) are doing on the new Hallmark build in Collins St, Melbourne. These marble pieces are just over a meter high, 1.2 meters across and almost 100 deep and …

Wilmoore Allstone


  Wilmoore Allstone This is the latest work of Will Treble and the team behind Wilmoore Allstone The limestone work on this Geelong mansion is impressive to say the last. The guys have used our SetClip range and the 6 mm Adjustable clip. The build features some real block style stone as well as some veneer style cladding straight from …

KHD Swan St Bridge


  KHD Swan St Bridge An additional Eastbound vehicular lane and separated cycle & pedestrian lanes in each direction will ease congestion for motorists and provide a safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists. BKK Architects’ design draws inspiration from landmarks including Victorian Arts Centre and the rowers who make their way up and down the Yarra River each morning. The …

Porcelain Panel Installation


Matty Steerman, Daniel Red, Brad Kelegai and John Readhead first Australian installation of #Porcelain 3×1.5x.06 #panels using panel support clip from thanks also going to #StoneDevelopments Brisbane. Call Daniel Redhead 0403 679 998   #stoneclip #mechanicalfixing #megapoxy #brisbane #architecture #stone #porcelain #construction Call Dan 0403 679 998    

Murrembeena Train Station


Murrembeena Train Station. The first stones are now up. Image Paving and #khdkandscapes are installing some 300mm high coursed #Bluestonepanels with a bed thickness of 30mm. The stone are being mechanically fixed with @stoneclip 8mm Adjustable panels back to s structural steel frame. Each clip has 2 14 gauge series 500 screw that are self cutting to aid in the …

Lyon House museum


Lyon Housemuseum There are facades and there are facades. The Lyons Family Museum is at the more fantastic and striking end of the spectrum. The installation has been done with s variety of our clips on a 41 mm channel system in our StoneSub range. The stone has been supplied #bamstone_bluestone the guys have chooses to use #megapoxy to reconstruct …

Catt Architecture Eco Outdoor


Ed Van Depavert Masons Just showing the completion of our latest project in Melbourne’s inner leafy suburb of Hawthorn. The team at CATT Architecture have designed this modern home which features the stone from @ecooutdoor. The stone is a Mallard Granite with a special fine style finish and comes in a format of 1500 x 800 x 25 mm and …

Ed Van Depavert Masons


Ed Van Depavert Masons First time StoneClip users Ed Van Depavert masons have installed with our 6 mm adjustable and our 28 mm SetClip. They have been fixing a variety of sized limestone panels to clad the facade of this Toorak apartment complex. An average size panel would have come in at 800 x 600 x 35 mm Ultimate Support …