The Centenary Library has been announced as the winner of the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) School Library Design Award 2019.

These prestigious awards were presented at the 2019 Library Design Awards Conference, as part of the Asia-Pacific Architecture Forum at the State Library of Queensland on 14 March 2019. These awards were judged by a national panel of experts from libraries and design industries.

The library was described by the judges as ‘impressive and an excellent fit with its environment. There is good use of natural light and an appropriate distribution of spaces for different activities’.

The Centenary Library brings together seven Churchie departments (Senior School Library, Student Services, Churchie IT, Learning Support, Mawson House, Churchie Archives and a research centre). Operating like a tertiary-inspired library environment, the collation of key academic and pastoral services seeks to nurture aspects of Churchie’s four tenets, becoming the heart of school life at Churchie.

This Australian Sandstone masterpiece was supplied by Stone Style at Currumbin and installed by the talented stonemasons of Natural Sandstone of Australia using Stoneclip 12mm adjustable clips with a 40mm cavity. The sandstone panels have been sealed using Drutreat Stainproof. 

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