Here we have some footage that just really shows how far The #StoneClip #EngineerCertified #CladdingSystem has come. The stones here are just monstrous- nothing short. The lions share of these prehistoric monsters are around the 3.2m x 1.6 m by 100 mm mark with estimated weight at around 1470 KG.

We have designed up a system where our 16 mm Stone Sub range is capturing the weight and supporting these stones. The stones themselves are sitting off the concrete slab by around 30 mm and wrap around the concrete substrate to complete this epic facade

Bill and the team from #wafconstructions along with the installation expertise of Shaun Jack and Rob from #rbtileptyltd are the guys responsible for this masterpiece.

Stone was supplied by Tim from #paversplus and the architecture and design component has ben developed by #splinter_society_architecture

The “flitch” you see here are the direct result of squaring off the billets after the extraction process and before the cutting process and would be the waste of the product before it is turned into usable slabs - so another cool fact about this build”

We are looking forward to seeing more builds like this in the future and have started the testing on another larger clip now - hope to use this one soon!!!!


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