StoneClip SetClip range 15292833 mm  
StoneClip SetClip range 15, 29, 28, 33mm  
setsizemidrail 10-12mmstonesub
Set Size Midrail 8mm-12mm StoneSub
  The 16 mm Adjustable clip from StoneClip is our largest ready made product and is available in either a 150 mm or 300 mm long shaft and features a 4 mm thick baseplate This clip is made and designed to support massive loads- it is almost exclusively used in the construction of grand entrances, foyers and where full sized panels and slabs are needed in suspended installations. Examples of its use would include the Hyde Park redevelopment in Sydney, ANZAC Walk in Adelaide, the Hallmark and Emirates House on Collins St Melbourne and the Applied Sciences Library at the University of Queensland , Brisbane The largest stone example would have to be ANZAC Walk where each full sized piece of granite was in excess of 450 kg.