Rod Laver Arena


StoneClip @ The Rod Laver Arena ‘Keeping Them Held In Place’

This new stage 4 section of the Rod Laver Arena is now almost complete and it won’t be long before it becomes one of Melbournes’ most visited tourist attractions for both our domestic residents and international guests.

LendLease and DeFazio stone and Tile are the building and contracting companies responsible for this project.

The bluestone panels which range in size but are predominately 1000 x 300 x 30 mm weigh in at around 26 kg per piece. The installation team had installed them onto a channel substructure and have positioned them around 60 mm from the substrate so they can have a cladding that wraps itself around the new foot traffic zone and creates a facade that matches up with the existing build.

The 8 mm Adjustable StoneSub StoneClip was the product used and as always has meet and surpassed the expectations of the build by providing an engineered certified system that is adaptable to the requirements of the project and at the same time offering a simple and time effective system for the installer.

This development is installing bluestone panels that have dimensions of 995 x 495 x 30mm. The installation is in a stack formation and is using a horizontal substructure to mount the fixings off. The guys have called up our new 8 mm Adjustable StoneSub system. This clip features a flattened section on the shaft to allow less removal of stone and to also aid the installer in the speed of installation by creating a 3 mm joint, in this case the intent is to have 8 mm joints between panels. The channel is a 42 mm and has been stalled slightly above the stone level to allow for installation so the clip can be dropped down into place.

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