Stanmore Ceramics with Rodger Terrazzo, Cremorne St, Melbourne @SeekAustralia


Here is the footage of stage 2 of the 60 Cremorne St Project in Cremorne , Melbourne – soon to be the new office hub for Seek.

Built constructions have again awarded Stanmore Ceramics to look after all aspects of the Stonemasonry. In this particular section which stretches up for 5 lift lobbies the architect and design team have looked to using a Terrazzo panel – a style of manufactured stone that is starting to come back in fashion with the specifying and design consultant sector.

Here the guys are working with a bed thickness of 30 mm but with varying lengths and heights – the biggest being 1800 x 600 x 30mm. The guys have had to fix to a few different substrates but over the most part they are at a 100 mm to face of stone.

Overall its another example of the exceptional work of one of Melbournes best stone installation teams collaborating with one of Australia’s best builders to complete a project that delivers on style and finesse using modern masonry techniques with products that speak of now.

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