Invariably it happens...

This is when it becomes important to have the panels above to be load bearing which is achieved when using StoneClip.

You remove the panel out of facade and you:

  1. Prepare new panel with kerfs same as old one.
  2. You open the front face of the kerfs, cut into the bottom to allow you to feed it over the front disc B (already mounted on wall or substrate)
  3. You then cut back out of new panel where they align with top StoneClips (already in wall). This will allow you to push the new panel back to old alignment, but not at this point.
  4. You then drill 2 only 6mm holes into the bed of the panel on top for a depth of 65mm and place 2 or 3 only pins into drilled holes and temporarily cover and hold in place with tape. You then drill 6mm holes into the new replacement panel to a depth of 30mm. These holes must be in alignment and in the middle of bed of panel.
  5. You then place a small amount of prepared epoxy on the half face of the top discs and push back into position and remove tape and pins will fall into place

    Job Done!


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