Ritz at Elizabeth Quay with APEX Tiling and Stone


Here is a look at some of the work that has been completed on The Ritz Carlton build in Perth by Vercon

The guys from @apex_tiling_and_stone are pictured and their handiwork on both the stones and the camera is responsible for what you are looking at.

The guys have been using our 8 mm Adjustable Cladding clip and have been fixing it for the majority of this section onto a top hat substructure with self cutting screws. You can see form the photos that the builders have decided on wrapping a galvanised sheeting section over the metal frame before installing the top hat and then the clips and the stone to create this facade which in some places is nearly 20 metres high

Once again StoneClip -THE ENGINEER CERTIFIED SYSTEM FOR MECHANICAL FIXING has been used to contribute to the changing face of architecture in some of Australia finest cities and their projects


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