Midrail Clip Stone Cladding Fixing System from Stoneclip

We at Stoneclip have just released the new Rigid Midrail clip which is a follow on clip to the adjustable Midrail which has been on the market for around 5 months now . There is a need for this clip as it allows you to start anywhere on the substrate and position your first row to suit the architectural requirements .The only thing visible is the width of 2 mm thick Stainless Steel that is 35 mm wide . All the fixing points are up behind the panel when it is place .

The Midrail clip is designed to be used as a support clip for the bottom row of panels being installed AND TO BE installed with the TOP lug of the clip epoxied into the panel . This does not give you any more strength in the clip but does position the clip better in the panel .

To insert this top lug into place you have to use the air cutter( as shown on LHS )with the cutter jig for accurate placement . The air cutter requires minimal amount of air to drive it --a 12 cfm compressor is ample . These clips ( rigid and adjustable) are both clips that can be BASTARISED by removing the top lug and then you have what is shown in the middle photo .

The support section of the clip is 17 mm deep x 35 mm wide and this allows the clip to be used for panels that are down to 10 mm thick( as shown in the RHS photo ) with the lug installed into the panel and the reducing the width of the support to whatever depth you need .The maximum width of panel supported would be 40 mm thick.

The load ratings on the Rigid clip are the same as the set size Stoneclips and the adjustable--check the engineering set of tables or send email for conformation . If you are using a glue to support your panels on the wall , you would be able to use the set sized Midrail clip as a stand alone clip on the bottom of the panel only . This can be achieved by positioning the bottom of the clip at whatever joint width above the installed panel you want .


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