Merkon constructions Soffit install in South Yarra



Now what is more appealing, interesting and just downright wowing than when you see stone on a ceiling

The #soffitinstall or the detail where stone cladding moves from a vertical plane to an underside is one that we are seeing more and more and its also something that we are receiving a greater demand of inquiries for – it just creates a real and distinctive point of difference, stone on a ceiling!

Here we have the guys form Contemporary Finishes one of Melbourne leading cladding and stone/ceramic specialists looking after the facade of this newly developed luxury apartment complex in South Yarra under the facilitation of #MerkonConstructions.

The stone that has been used is a 900 x 500 x 30 mm thick #Limestone product with an expected weight of 35 KG. The soffit has been installed onto a suspended concreter slab and the installation has been secured to this substrate through the use of our StoneClip Screw-Fix Bolts and our new Construction Grade Wall plugs.

The installers have made installation cuts for the clips in the stone on all sides, 2 on the smaller horizontal side and 1 in a middle location on the vertical edge. A 10 mm diameter pilot hole has been drilled in to the substrate in the required position to accommodate our plugs and the bolts are used to secure the baseplates to the substrate.

This style of installation is always laborious but the finished result speaks volumes of the installers and the design teams vision.

You can see that the installers have when they have had the ability have made up a prop that rests the stones ( and also themselves ) while they get the panel into the exact position. Our 6 mm adjustable clip was used extensively over this section of the build

Contemporary Finishes have looked after the complete stone package for both the external facade and also the internal works, with some 250m2 of cladding on the vertical facade.


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