Renage Constructions / BKS Stonemasons- Private residence in Toorak, Melbourne.



David for Renage Constructions and Brendon from BKS Stonemasons BKS Stonemasons Pty Ltd have just completed this private residence in Toorak, Melbourne.

The stone is installed in a modern 3,2 ,1 format and has been sourced from BamStone in Port Fairy, Victoria.

This project was extensive due to the format and pattern required, Brendon has mostly used our 8 mm Adjustable over the whole job, except in a few areas where the cavity has blown out or to meet up with other architectural requirements that include sections such as soffit area and window returns

The substrate for this particular job is a new age core filled form. This enables the builder to guarantee a “ green” 5 star rating as well as a massive energy rating of 9.2 which contributes enormously to control the heating and cooling elements of the build. Construction wise one of the many major benefits was the speed in which this substrate can be installed. The cavity of the foam section is 90 mm which is filled in the same manner as traditional block work.
The anchors which have been used are 100 mm long so as to be able to connect well with the core filled foam, packers have been used behind the baseplate to distribute the load on the substate that has been directed to it locally – the same process as a washer perform over a steel member.

All in all a great job showing off the possibilities of our products, with great locally sourced stone with a great builder in one of Melbourne most affluent suburbs. Also good to see how our products are installed onto new age substrates that are popping up on builds all over the country.


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