Krongoldgroup, Rob Mills Architects and Limestone Australia


Again we are in the inner Melbourne suburb of Toorak, involved with some of the industry leaders. This build that can only be described as opulent, was extensive in attention to detail, the quality of the natural resource and also just the size. It was a real chance for the masons involved namely Corey @corey_skinner and Jack for Unistone to go to work with some great stone form @limestoneAustralia.

The Jaffa variety is extremely popular in this end of the market and fits the bill for the style of contemporary but extravagant architecture that is the norm for @robmillsarchitects.

#Krongoldgroup are responsible for overseeing the whole job but in this case you can definitely judge a book by its cover and you can see Unistone stamp all over it. The guys have used a variety of our clips in a fully mechanical system in some sections to using both our clips and an adhesive in other areas. The archways, which are a real eye opener here are fixed in our “EcoClip method, while the quoins and other feature lintes you see are just colossal and are using our 10 mm adjustable range. The stone come in a range of sizes and thickness, the nature of it allows itself to be worked into the exact style that the mason requires with a minimum of effort to be rewarded with a maximum result

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