Here is the new #StoneClip #WetCutter installation set up from StoneClip.

It features a Bosch 125 mm skin, comes with 2 blades, our own 230 mm Dutch pin and wedge set. But the real beauty is the StoneClip #Adjustablecuttingjig that allows the installation team to produce perfect kerf cuts time and time again without sacrificing the time of the most experienced tradesperson.

The simplicity of the “WetCutter” is that it offers all the convenience of wet saw cutting to a localized point of entry in the bed of the stone. This makes quick work of hard dense stones, but offer the tradesperson the advantage of being able to cut into thinner bed sections on larger panels or to stones that traditional were more fragile/brittle like onyx - installation situations that are becoming ever more common.


The WetCutter simply connects up to a hose on-site and the speed of the water that can be pushed onto the blade can be adjusted by the simple lever on the side of the grinder. It also has the advantage of being able to be connected straight up to a wet or dry vacuum and allowing the tradesperson to make complete accurate dry cuts in any stone anywhere and therefore meeting the requirements of dust-free cutting on any job site in Australia or the world.

StoneClip 125 mm #DryCutting Installation SetUp

#StoneClip has just now re-released our much-loved installation equipment range. We have looked at what we have offers our customers before, listening to their feedback and can now say that we have developed the best system for kerf cutting available on the market.

We have 2 electric cutters available, the 100 mm or the 125 mm system. Both of these products are supplied with 2 blades, our own 230 mm long Dutch Pin and Wedge Set, and the one and only StoneClip Adjustable Jig. The Jig itself is the jewel of the system and it will allow the tradesperson to make completely 100% accurate kerf cuts time and time again - a real befit in allowing the installation teams to have their most experienced employees focusing on the more complicated tasks without having to worry about the quality and accuracy of the cuts for the clip installation into the stone.

These 2 products will allow the installer to fit the grinder to any wet and dry vacuum and complete the kerf cutting process without the worry of dust or any job site in Australia or the world.

StoneClip Installation Kit - Dustless Cutting for job sites

The #StoneClip #installation kit for our adjustable adjustable and set clip products make the process of performing the #kerfcuts in stone a breeze. Not only is it a solution to free up the most experienced members of the team for what they are best at - installing the stone but it is also adjustable so that you can use it over and over again on different jobs with different thickness of stone. This product is also designed with the intention of creating an installation system that is dust less - a must on any commercial and domestic job in Australia and the world.


SlimLine SupportClip Installation kit from StoneClip

This is the new and improved SlimLine #SupportClip Installation kit form StoneClip. This tool will make it easier,. more consistent and make complete #dustless #installation possible with the thinner panels of natural and engineered stone that we are seeing become more popular in todays market. The tool can be adjusted to perform the cuts necessary in the back of the stone at a point that will allow the desired joint width between panels. It is also designed to take out he complexity of the task and allow the less experienced members of the team to contribute.


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