Terracotta Ceiling Tiles at Spiedo Supported by Clips from StoneClip

In the Westfield new development in the Pitt st mall in Sydney on the 6 th floor is a new restaurant (Spiedo). This new upmarket eatery has a lot of new features to it but one is unique in so much as it has a Terra Cotta ceiling that is constructed out of 200 mm x 20 mm thick Mexican Octagonal Terra Cotta tiles over the main eating area.

Each tile is supported by 1 only 15 mm set size Stoneclip bracket with 2 pan headed screws securing each tile into the plywood structure above. The project is being undertaken by Arcon Aust Pty Ltd under the supervision of Mr Matt Bennett who was the person who saw his problem solved by the use of Stoneclip. The restaurant is due to open at the end of the month.


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