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Slimline Cutter

Stoneclip has developed a new simple cutter and jig for the tradespersonto use in preparing and installing Slimline Supportclips into the back oflarge format panels of stone or ceramic tiles . The cutter itself is an airdriven saw requiring 6 cfm of air , with a 65 mm x 2.00 mm thick diamondblade , spinning at 20,000 rpm and penetrating the back of the tile or panelto a depth of 8 mm .The advantage of the 65 mm in diameter blade is that it only makes a cutthat is 45 mm wide instead of the 65 mm that is made when you use the 100 mmwide blade .You are able to determine and mark up the joint width for the tiles to beinstalled at by maintaining the 20 mm positioning of the bottom fixing pointalways AND by altering the top fixing point to maintain the joint yourequire . The top measurement of 50 mm means that you have a zero joint whenthe fixings are installed into the top of the tiles .The photos above describe and show the installation of a 0 mm and a 2 mmjoint width , both with the epoxy applied to secure the fixings intoposition in the case of the 2 mm joint ( back of tile view ) and a frontview of the zero and 2 mm joints when they are erected .Also shown is the cutter jig sitting onto the panel with the cutter being pushed home to inject the cut in the bottom edge of the panel . Also the assembled cutter  can be seen in the photo’s , along with the individualparts of the jig and air cutter


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Electric Stone and Tile Supportclip Cutter from StoneClip


After we started marketing the air driven Supportclip cutter we were made aware by
the installers that they wanted the electric version also.

Here we have the air driven one that is at home in a workshop where
there is good supplies of air, as it takes about 18cfm to run flat out all the time.

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This is the portable jig that suits both models – air and electric (Bosch 100mm grinder).
The jig is standard for both and the top clip for a ZERO joint is cut in on center with the
aid of the jig on a marked line down 50mm from the top edge. The bottom cut is 20mm
up from the bottom edge. As you change the joint width you only move the top cut – eg
2mm joint means a mark is made 48mm from the top edge.

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This is a photo of the 100mm electric Bosch 100mm grinder (available at all Bunnings
stores in Australia), with the 65mm diamond blade installed.
Both the models of the cutters (air and electric) are available for sale online for with a
box of 100 Stainless Steel Slimline Supportclips and screws delivered free in Australia.

All Stoneclip products are available online.

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