Engineer Certified

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ALL STONECLIPS are ENGINEER certified AND stamped all engineering and certification documents and information available at the time of purchase.


Video Tutuorials

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See the STONECLIP in action. Our videos will give you an easy to understand working experience to make working with STONCLIP like working with an old friend! Read More


The Project Guide

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Download the Project Guide. Choose the correct STONECLIPS for your project, whether working with Ceramics, Rocked Faced, Shawn Faced, Tool worked, Honed and Polished, Bush Hammered and Bands of stone. Download


Samples for Installers

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The ONLY choice for certified mechanical fixing! Contact us now so you can see the PATENTED STONECLIP in your hands. Show your team and get a heads up on what will make your project faster, safer and better. Read More


125 mm Bosch 18 volt wet saw

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NEW 125 mm 18 volt wet cutter  with a 4.0 A/H battery, by Bosch It is one of their Professional range cutters and  It comes with its own 5 litre pump up bottle and this allows you to cut on site without worry about dust and residue